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Bronin on Monday will unveil his second budget, a plan that is expected to include significant state aid despite uncertainty at the Capitol, and a renewed call for labor concessions. The majority of union givebacks built into this year's budget haven't materialized, and Bronin has stressed that the bargaining groups must be part of the solution. The spending proposal comes as Hartford is fighting for tens of millions more in state assistance to help offset a $65 million deficit next year. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy 's budget would give the struggling capital city an extra $34.5 million, but the funding is tied to controversial measures, such as a tax on Connecticut's nonprofit hospitals. Some legislators have already cast doubt on the success of Malloy's plan, which still needs approval from the General Assembly. But Bronin is counting on that money, and has lobbied aggressively for an overhaul that would provide assistance to Hartford and other distressed municipalities. To help boost their funding, Malloy's budget shifts resources including education aid away from the wealthier towns. That has frustrated suburban leaders, especially those near Hartford who are keeping an eye on the city's spending. "We're watching it very closely," State Rep. John Hampton, D-Simsbury, said. "There are the issues of trust and accountability for any funding for Hartford. I think there's a hesitation because towns like Simsbury have done such a great job of managing their finances." Union concessions and steps toward pension reform would set a good example in Hartford, Hampton said. Sen. John Fonfara , D-Hartford, said Bronin has done a good job so far of managing city finances, but must carry that scrutiny into his next budget. "It's about building confidence that management is taking the steps necessary to have the city being run as efficiently as possible," he said.

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