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Rachel Goodman, staff attorney in the American Civil Liberties Unions racial justice program, said ProPublicas findings are distressingly familiar. These results fit within a pattern that we see all too oftenracial disparities allegedly result from differences in risk, but that justification falls apart when we drill down into the data, she said. We already know that zip code matters far too much in our segregated society, Goodman said. It is dispiriting to see that, in addition to limiting economic opportunity, living in the wrong zip code can mean that you pay more for car insurance regardless of whether you and your neighbors are safe drivers. The Insurance Information Institute, a trade group representing many insurers, contested ProPublicas findings. Insurance companies do not collect any information regarding the race or ethnicity of the people they sell policies to. They do not discriminate on the basis of race, said James Lynch, chief actuary of the institute. The impact of the disparity in insurance prices can be devastating, a roadblock to upward mobility or even getting by. Auto insurance coverage is required by law in almost all states. If a driver cant pay for insurance, she can face fines for driving without insurance, have her license suspended, and eventually end up in jail for driving with a suspended license. Higher prices also increase the burden on those least able to bear it, forcing low-income consumers to opt for cheaper fly-by-night providers, or forgo other necessities to pay their car insurance bills. CR's Expert Advice on Car Insurance Ratings of Car Insurance Companies (based on CR subscribers' overall satisfaction) It isn't completely clear why some major auto insurers persist in treating minority neighborhoods differently. It may in part be a vestige of longstanding practices dating back to an era when American businesses routinely discriminated against nonwhite customers. Its also possible that the proprietary algorithms used by insurers may inadvertently favor white over minority neighborhoods. We have limited our analysis to the four states that release the type of data needed to compare insurance payouts by geography. Still, these states represent the spectrum of government oversight of the insurance industry. California is the most highly regulated insurance market in the U.S.; Illinois, one of the least regulated. In addition, some insurers whose prices appear to vary by neighborhood demographics operate nationally. That raises the prospect that many minority neighborhoods across the country may be paying too much for auto insurance, or white neighborhoods, too little. This investigation marks the first use of industry payout data to measure racial disparities in car insurance premiums across states. Its part of ProPublicas examination of the hidden power of algorithms in our livesfrom the equations that determine Amazons top sellers to the calculations used to predict an individuals likelihood of committing future crimes. Our analysis examined more than 100,000 premiums charged for liability insurancethe combination of bodily injury and property damage that represents the minimum coverage drivers buy in each of the states.

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