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1035 Exchange One way to accomplish the repurposing of such an asset is through a Section 1035 exchange . Section 1035 of the tax code allows for the replacement of anannuityorlife insurancepolicy with a new one without incurring any tax consequence for the exchange. To qualify, the old policy and the new policy must be of the same type (e.g. annuity to annuity) and have the same owner and insured person. Repurposing Into Long-Term Care Insurance One popular way individuals can repurpose an annuity or cash value life policy that no longer plays a role in their portfolio is by completing a 1035 exchange directly into an asset-based insurance or annuity policy with a long-term care rider. This in effect will convert a now unnecessary asset in your portfolio into an asset can play a very valuable and important role in your overall financial plan in the form of long-term care insurance. (For related reading, see: How Long-Term Care Riders on Life Insurance Work .) This idea works well exchanging from an annuity into an annuity with a long-term care rider, a life insurance policy into an annuity with a long-term care rider or life insurance policy into another life insurance policy with a long-term care rider. Noticeably missing is an annuity into a life insurance policy with a long-term care rider. This type of exchange is not allowed under the 1035 rules. The reason being is that you are moving from an annuity that did not require the underwriting of your health into a life insurance policy that requires you to be underwritten. One thing to keep in mind with asset-based policies is that the annuity or life insurance policy takes a back seat to the long-term care rider. In other words, asset-based policies are exchanged into for the long-term care insurance. As a result, the life insurance death benefit or the annuity future payout is reduced in lieu of a long-term care benefit. An Example of a Good 1035 Exchange Candidate Consider a retired individual, age 65, who still owns a whole life insurance policy with a large cash value. In the event this individual is not looking to leave a legacy with the death benefit provided, but is in need of long-term care insurance, he or she would be a good candidate for a 1035 exchange into a long-term care asset-based product. A 1035 exchange would allow for a tax-free repurposingof the life insurance policy that is no longer needed into long-term care insurance. It should be cautioned that Section 1035 exchanges may not make sense in all situations, and the protection and coverage provided by the current contract should be carefully weighed and considered prior to making any changes.

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